Shonda Rimes created Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and wrote Britney Spears’s Crossroads (!). Her new show, Scandal, premiered on ABC last Thursday. Did you watch?

I saw the pilot episode at the TCAs in January and enjoyed it. But the version I saw was before it was given the network treatment. What happened on Thursday was...

Slick, I guess? That’s one way to say it.

The music made me crazy. And Shonda’s dialogue can be exhausting. And some things were Just.Too.Obvious. We get it! The girl with the red hair likes sexy Desmond from Lost! To say nothing of the ABSURD storyline.

And still...

I find Kerry Washington totally mesmerising. And her chemistry with Tony Goldwyn (who is still as good playing creepy prick now as he was back in Ghost) was excellent. And, well, I suppose I’m not ready yet to turn my back on the idea of Scandal either. The key, I think, is how you approach it - as the Gossip Girl of Washington politics and crisis management, like the Revenge of DC. Why not? I will play along. Word is it picks up; they say it will improve. Scandal’s premiere drew over 7 million viewers.

Attached - Kerry at various events promoting the show last week.