Whenever one of my friends starts to get all anxiety about what to wear to a party, I always tell them to remember that at 99% of social gatherings, all that matters is what you look like from the chest up. Parties are so crowded that the slightly too-big pants or scuffed shoes are not going to be noticed.  

I feel as though Kerry Washington took this advice on the one and only night when she shouldn’t, and I can’t fault her for it because I’m the one that recommended it. But the fact is, even though her hair and makeup were luscious and beautiful and selling a whole bunch of unsuspecting fans on how great it is to be pregnant*, her slightly unmemorable dress wound up looking kind of “greige” and definitely wrinkled. Which is no big deal unto itself, but it lent her the air of maybe being less on top of things than Olivia Pope always is. 

What follows from this line of thinking is that I can’t get a handle on whether Washington, who was pretty enthusiastically retweeting her coworkers’ party antics, is the type to do a bunch of drivebys at a few events or whether she took herself straight home and was in pajamas before the broadcast was over. I kind of hope it’s #2.

(*If you’re Kerry Washington.)