You know that saying? That when you dislike someone the way he holds his fork will annoy you, but if you like him and he throws his plate in your lap, you’ll still like him?   

This is how I feel about Kerry Washington’s dress. I love everything she puts on her body, this woman. Even when I think that I don’t, she proves me wrong. I just adore her sense of colour and style and fun-ness, and I think I might be in love or something, because she makes me want to break every rule I have.

Check it:

I just finished ranting in another article about how women on the carpet never seem to be able to tell whether the “actual” colour of the dress is going to show up on camera. Washington was a really bad offender here – it was red in some lights, orange in others, pink in still others. And not by a little bit, either. Wild variances. But because the top was somehow kind of candy-stripe coloured, it worked no matter what. 

I also feel I’ve made my feelings on both the belt and the bow very clear, and this dress had both – yet still I loved it. 

Oh! And another thing! She kept hitching it up, and the E! cameras caught it, and she wasn’t doing little tugs, either. These were big, big left-to-right-and-back wrestlings of the dress into place.    

Everything says I should really hate this dress, and yet, I don’t.

Also, I know I’ve said it before, but seeing the emotion on Kerry Washington’s face when Chris Terrio was so emotional about winning made me A), like her even more, and B), remind myself that I need to start watching Scandal approximately yesterday.  All because of a dress.