PEOPLE Magazine has named Kerry Washington the World’s Best Dressed Woman. Gwyneth Paltrow was named the World’s Most Beautiful Woman. That was polarising. Kerry’s crowning should be more popular, non? At least among those who aren’t white supremacists.

As you know, Kerry Washington gets a lot of love here at LaineyGossip. She’s probably the one we all want to see first on Sunday at the Emmys. What will Kerry wear? Because Kerry almost always brings the fashion. You might not like it, and it might be divisive, but it is never boring.


OK what she wore last night at a pre-Emmy event was kinda boring. Pink, with layers, and the best part is the white shoes. But that’s almost excusable. After all, it was only Tuesday. There are several events leading up to the Emmys starting tonight, and a lot of outfits ahead. She’s pacing herself. She’s building us there. She’s not blowing her load too early. For that reason, I can live with this.

I can actually live with almost everyone on PEOPLE’s Best Dressed List, with one exception. Guess.

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