A few hours before the MET Gala, E! broke the news that Kerry Washington and her husband, Nnamdi Asomugha, are expecting their second child. This seems to be happening a lot. The low rank tabloids report that divorce is imminent. And then a baby happens.

Kerry would have known about the pregnancy headlines before arriving at the event. She then belly-cupped on the red carpet to confirm the speculation. I’m pretty sure she belly-cupped during her first pregnancy too. Every time I bitch about belly-cupping, you email me and explain that one of the reasons it happens is because pregnant women don’t want people to think they’ve put on weight. I actually got an email about this from a friend the other day.

“the thing is, you feel SO SO FAT esp on a red carpet when people are taking pictures of you and you are DESPERATE to show that the fatness you are exhibiting is not down to you but strictly becasue of your being pregnant. so you cup it, highlight it, hold it as a way to make sure that no one has any doubt that it is not your stomach that is protruding but your womb. it's all about not looking so fat!! plus you don't know what to do with your hands because they dont like naturally by your sides because you are so huge and lastly again you are trying ot say i'ts my womb not my fat stomach on display right now!!”

And my response to her was to ask - what’s the point of all this body-positivity? On the one hand, all you hear about when a woman is pregnant is how beautiful it’s supposed to be and blah blah blah woman miracle awesome. How come women only want to look pregnant when they are pregnant? I look pregnant all the time. Jacek tells me this when he’s reviewing our site statistics because the search comes up often. “Lainey Lui pregnant?” “Is Lainey Gossip pregnant?” I love looking pregnant. Here’s a photo of me looking pregnant two weeks ago:

Here’s another one:


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So. What’s wrong with looking pregnant when you’re not pregnant? If you have an answer, let me know.

In the meantime, I guess we should get back to Kerry at the MET Gala even though I don’t really want to because…

OK. I think what’s happening here is that she wanted to try something different. Because this is like nothing we’ve ever seen her wear before. She’s worn Marc Jacobs before but, well, not with this hair. Not with this mood. This kinda lounge singer seductress thing she’s working. I mean, it’s the Costume Institute Gala. And I suppose, if you want to put on an alternate personality, if you want to wear an alternate style, this would be the night to do it. Kerry at the MET is so not Olivia Pope.