Let’s start with the part where I started worrying about my job security.   Because when the absolutely fearless Joshua Malina started tweeting about the Emmys – calling Hayden Panetierre  Connie Britton’s “Puppet”, and expressing sorrow that the In Memoriam montage did not include Chris Brown – well, I could hear Lainey falling in love from across the country. I have pulled a punch or two in my time because I like the idea of being employed again, while Malina truly does not care, and I wondered how fast he was going to have a column here on the site. I kind of still do.

One of the things he pointed out was that the Emmy script, or Jimmy Kimmel, did not even mention the show name, Scandal, when introducing Malina’s costar Kerry Washington. So it’s possible there are people who were like "who is this woman and why with the talking like that?" Lainey said last night that Washington sounded like Drew Barrymore when she said her "a’s",  and/but when I watched her again,  I also found her "S" sounds kind of lispy in true Barrymore style. So which comes first? Does tripping over your "s" words cause you to suddenly call him “Ed HAAAARris”, or is it the other way around?

Was deeply into the dress, by the way, first and foremost because it looked like it was easy-peasy to wear but I’ve also been told that everyone else found it pink, while it looked decidedly copper on my TV. Either way, you have to be a beautiful woman to get away with basically draping yourself in pennies, so Washington has that down. But the pronunciation really is a conundrum.   Maybe she’s working her way around a new set of Invisaligns – I don’t know.   I’m sure Malina will tweet me and let me know.

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