By Marchesa standards, it wasn’t horrific. You know what horrific Marchesa looks like, right? Here. That should refresh your memory. Or see Malin Akerman. So, again, by Marchesa standards, it could have been worse.


I don’t want to talk about Kerry Washington, our beloved Kerry Washington, in those terms. I don’t want to talk about her in sh-t vs diarrhoea terms. So what are we doing here, in this wedding dress, described by ass-kissy sites like PEOPLE etc as “romantic” and “ethereal”? It’s just so…derivative, isn’t it? Let’s make it an angel’s dress! Angels and flower buds go together! And a heaving fertile bust! Conspiracy! She’s pregnant with Fitz’s baby! I will leave it to you to bumpwatch that situation.

Right now I care more about the fact that she did not win.

No, they dragged Diahann Carroll out and still couldn’t bring themselves to give her a win.

Who won?

Claire Danes’s bob.

For Homeland which, come on now, admit it, Homeland Season 2 was not there. You know it wasn’t there. It wasn’t even close.