It’s not arbitrary, of course. Kerry Washington didn’t just choose the orange because she liked it, or as an homage to Orange Is The New Black, or whatever. She chose it, I assume, as she often does, to counteract all the white and grey and beige that is her (gorgeous, cashmere-filled) lot on Scandal. You have to assume that life as Olivia is beautiful, but not exactly sartorially surprising. Now and again she’s got to want to wear some cherry. 

So that’s why I think she chose this Orange Prada gown, which I could totally get down with, including the kind of bejeweled ticky-tacky that’s running on the seams.

But the miniskirt in the slit is Chicago.

I don’t know what to say. It is instantly a high school musical, which suddenly seems to be a theme tonight. I don’t think it’s anyone’s dream to wear a black sequined mini, because we all get there soon enough via musicals or tap lessons or mom’s closet anyway, you know?

Just…not for me. And I wish not for her. But it’s a long time from the Emmys to the Globes so – I guess let the woman wear Orange?