I suppose it was too much to ask. He did after all date Nicky Hilton. And it always goes back to Sh-t By Association. But still… you watch the show, the show is so tight and crisp and believable and really, it’s only Kevin Connolly so you don’t give it much thought.

And then he arrives at a press conference and while all of his colleagues are bending over backwards, accommodating the media, understanding that the hype and the support is what has driven Entourage from the beginning, now that international viewers from the UK all the way to Turkey are falling in love with it for the first time – you’d think Kevin Connolly would be a little more grateful?

Ah …that would be no.

He participated during the press conference and then we broke for the individual press line. Kevin did half and then he said he was done. Was he otherwise engaged? Did he have somewhere else to be?

Ah…that would be no.

He left, went to the loo or whatever and then CAME BACK and watched, stood there and watched, while the others completed each and every outlet.

I mean really… is he Brad Pitt now?

Ah…that would be no.

What he is is a twerp. Perfect word for him. Kevin Connolly is a twerp.