Dear Gossips,

The Tony Awards. A celebration of Broadway. But in the end, so much more. What do you do when love and joy are under attack? On Broadway last night, they told us and showed us that you love more and you enjoy more. The Tony Awards happen during Pride Month. As Kevin Fallon wrote at The Daily Beast, shortly after the show ended:

“But when it’s the Tony Awards and the Broadway community responding to a mass murder of LGBT people in the throes of Pride Month, it transcends the usual dutifulness of those dedications. It resonates with real meaning, and deep intention. There’s an inextricable link between the theater community and the LGBT community. I don’t need to tell anyone that. It’s a cliché that I would ordinarily make fun of, were the link not so powerful and extraordinary.

The Tony Awards and Broadway aren’t just for the gays, of course, and that’s what makes the event and the theater community even more significant. For many, it’s either the first (and certainly one of the biggest) places to feel not just welcome, but among—among gay peers and straight people who embrace you, share your interests, and offer an alliance.”

“Among” is a powerful word, a word that reflects what is shared: grief and anger, yes, but also, hopefully, love and joy. We here at LaineyGossip aim to be “among”. Which is what the Tony Awards were meant to be last night - The Audacity of Joy on a Day of Hate. That article is a beautiful read. 

Duana will cover the Tony Awards today on the site. Fashion highlights will be on the LifeStyle page.

Yours in gossip,