What a difference a year makes. A year ago, the world rejoiced Britney’s freedom. A year later, KFed is not only still around, he’s stronger than ever, landing his very own Details cover, landing some acting scraps here and there on two bit tv shows, and more importantly, winning the war of public opinion over his Chicken Fried Ex Wife for custody of their children but also, eventually, custody of a large chunk of her sizable bank account.

2007 started off sh*t but has ended up sweet for the Federline.

What’s even more nauseatingly impressive – he has learned the art of media manipulation, staying largely out of the spotlight, careful not to be photographed in incriminating situations… how long has it been since we’ve seen him wearing a white beater and jeans down to the ground?? And now KFed is actually learning to speak like a well trained publicity whore catering to the all powerful Yummy Mummy population.

Said Federline on fatherhood:
“To be a father is… everything. It shows me how little I am.”

Sweet Xenu, I can hear a few ladies groaning in delight already. Awww…isn’t that the sweetest, most sensitive sentiment ever?

Actually … no.

It’s the most Rossum sentiment ever! KFed is raping us with his Rossum!

Which brings us to another case of Would You Rather:

Would you rather be friends with Emmy Rossum or get knocked up by Kevin Federline???

Another tough dilemma.