Britney: Bares Boobies, Could Lose Boo Boos

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 9, 2007 05:35:24 August 9, 2007 05:35:24

I’m sure by now you’ve seen Us Weekly’s newest cover…but have you seen the rest of the series? Cut to a couple of a weeks ago, after her infamously pathetic attempt at a video shoot, during which she twirled clumsily around a stripper pole and stared listlessly off into space with her dog, Britney rounded up several extras from the set, including an opportunistic college punk, and took them back to the Standard where she ran around topless and drunk off her tree. Of course she ended up in her hotel room with a 21 year old called Matt. Of course they made out. And of course he sold the photos and the lurid details to Janice Min. He kinda looks like Jim Carrey, non? And she always manages to find the men who will sell her out and bleed her dry, non?

Speaking of…

Her lazy f&ck of an ex husband, always one to recognise a money-making moment, has now officially filed for primary custody of the children. The motion was filed yesterday, late afternoon, reportedly with the support of Lynne Spears. The last time this happened, or was threatened to happen, Britney attacked the paps with an umbrella and entered rehab. Will keep you posted.


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