All eyes were at court today after KFed and his eyepatch arrived for the custody hearing. At least he showed up.

And where was the Chicken Fried?

Well… is saying she spent part of her day driving around looking for a Starbucks with her dog – see attached. Kevin’s attorney advised him to attend. He’s greedy and he’s smarter and he’s obviously a more committed parent. So. He showed.

Britney’s lawyer asked her to come too. She decided she didn’t feel like it.

And so the judge ordered that the loser ex would retain custody with Britney allowed supervised visits. In just a few short months, we’ve gone from Britney as the primary parent to Britney not being permitted to be with her kids alone. Even worse, she doesn’t seem like she gives a sh-t.

You can make a million excuses and sympathise with whatever emotional struggles she might be going through, but even the most destitute of addicts will at least try to cry and beg and plead to show they CARE. How has she cared?

Next up – another hearing on October 26th and both sh-t and diarrhoea have been ordered to be present. sh-t has demonstrated he’s willing to

Meanwhile OK! Magazine is reporting that Britney will soon be headed to Crossroads, a rehab facility in the Caribbean where she once walked in and out before rushing back solo to LA and shaving her head. No word on how legit the rumour is. But judging from that smug ass look on her face, I’d say she’s far from ready.

More smut on the way tomorrow. Trust.