Damn. KFed’s lawyer is the business. And Britney must be paying a lot of money for him to be defending her ex husband. Poetic.

So as you know, Britney bailed on her deposition the other day claiming she had fallen ill, unable to leave her hotel home due to anxiety, but getting papped at 2am at a gas station and zooming around town, begging the question: how sick could she have been?

She was also seen out and about yesterday oblivious to her responsibilities. Which is why KFed’s lawyer is baring his teeth explaining that he will be asking the courts to kick her ass for her absence. For her deliberate absence.

"I"m not mad – I can move forward with her or without her. But there will be a request to the court to address some kind of remedy to what I see as a willful non-appearance."

As for the health reasons cited for Britney’s no show, Mark Vincent Kaplan retorted:

"But she was in fact out later that day and night. It"s not fourth grade where you get a doctor"s note and it"s all OK. She was ordered to attend. And if there"s a legitimate reason for her not to attend she would have to establish that."

Finally…Kaplan also showed he has a sense of humour. In response to Britney’s excuse that the paparazzi were freaking her out:

"All I know is that in my office there were no paparazzi."


Here’s Britney and her nasty ass nails on a ciggie run last night before checking in to yet another hotel. Perhaps the Four Seasons realised their good name was being soiled?


Photos from Wenn