Did you see Kevin Hart’s interview with Ryan Seacrest? He could not stop rubbing his fiancee’s ass. When the hand and the ass are so connected like that, it’s the only thing you pay attention to. This is how Brad Pitt used to behave with the Jolie. That was part of the porn. Now she directs movies and can’t have her ass fondled anymore. It’s really disappointing. Why can’t both exist at the same time?

Anyway, Kevin was there because The Wedding Ringer opens this week. He presented with Salma Hayek and the bit was that he did all the talking and all the envelope-opening and all the announcing and it was supposed to be annoying. Some of you were, indeed, annoyed. Others, like me, will just laugh at whatever it is that Kevin Hart is doing. But in that moment I did have a wish: though it’s probably not possible because she’d never share, one day I wish that could happen again with Kevin Hart and Julia Roberts.

Because when it’s Julia Roberts, it has to be ALL JULIA ROBERTS.

So. Can you imagine???

Imagine Julia Roberts having to tolerate Kevin Hart. And Kevin Hart not giving a f-ck. Wouldn’t you want to see that?