You can see it in everyone’s eyes at the Oscars—there are high stakes. The people who are nominated know their lives change if they win. The people who are presenting or posing on the red carpet know these are the pictures that will be used all year long—longer if they don’t get invited to something. Everyone knows that how tonight goes determines so much of your next year.

Unless you’re Kevin Hart.

As Chris Rock says, Kevin Hart makes movies FAST. His movies are not The Revenant. Are you kidding me? I can only imagine what Kevin Hart’s rider requires, but I bet that one of the obligations is that he never has to deal with a temperature variance of more than two degrees. I also picture him as being the kind of guy who requires fresh t-shirts to be supplied all the time, 3-5 at once. Not that I’m mocking him. That’s what he needs to be on the top of his game.

But at the top of his game, Kevin Hart is having a blast. Which means he shows up to the Oscars in a jewel-encrusted tux and adheres to the Taha Principle of Awards Shows—if you agree to show up, you better agree to have a good time, to the best of your abilities. Stuff happens, but don’t be put-upon and pouty, you came! You accepted an invitation to a party!

Kevin Hart accepts the invitation to the party, takes full advantage of the party, and takes his responsibility to turn the party up very, very seriously. I respect this. I suspect a lot of people respect this. I suspect there’s a reason Kevin Hart makes a movie a month.