He’s a super agent at CAA. And he’s trying to uphold Hollywood Hierarchy, especially during awards season.

Kevin is also smart enough to not only stay away from Ebola Hilton infection but to try and REMOVE it from his environment.

I love him.

And for this reason, for today, he is #1 on the Freebie 5. He can replace Becks. Becks will be back tomorrow.


Yesterday it was reported that Ebola Paris Hilton was not allowed inside the CAA party at the Sunset Tower after the Globes. The Brange, Tom and KatE, Cameron, Leo, Drew, triple A talent were mingling and lounging, very vulnerable to infection.

So Ebola fellated a bouncer and snuck in.

When Kevin Huvane saw her, no stranger to bullying tactics, he lost his sh-t and stormed around the bar looking for help to REMOVE HER FROM THE PREMISES:

"Who let her in? She is not invited, and somebody had better get her out of here immediately!"

Isn’t he an angel?

Ebola, as you can imagine, was mortified and ran into the ladies’ room before security could grab her. While inside, she probably started working her blackberry like a whore, dialing up any and all contacts, looking for something to f-ck, anyone to blow, anyone to spread for who could smooth things over and placate Huvane.

15 minutes pass and no one can help her. The LAPD and event planners finally escorted her out of the building.

Kevin Huvane deserves a humanitarian award, non?

This is Ebola leaving The Ivy the other day. Yes. The Ivy. Of course.

PS. I hate her even more for wearing that dress. I love horse-print clothing. F-ck.


Photos from Wenn.com