2 minutes of amazingness

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 5, 2010 06:51:03 January 5, 2010 06:51:03

And so much f-cking cringe. Ew!

But I’ve watched this 3 times. And since Kevin Jonas chose to provide his wedding video (totally free, right?) to Access Hollywood, this sh-t is fair game. Especially when it’s such a wonderful gift. Right off the top, note the fist pump. My friend Scott said it’s more like a Cheerleader Pump. He may as well be holding a pompom. With sequins. What?

I’m particularly fond of the lip quivering as he’s watching his bride walk down the aisle. But you will be rewarded if you stick around til the very end. It’s the dancing. With EYES CLOSED. Jesus. Vagina Virgin cheese is frighteningly nauseating.


Suppression, it’s such a sad thing. He is 22. What will he be at 32?

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