Cory Monteith came home to Vancouver last week for the Opening Ceremony. He went back to LA and couldn’t stop talking about his amazing Olympic experience so when Glee gave them the weekend off, Mark Salling and Kevin McHale decided to fly up here too. They told Matthew Morrison (he spent time in Vancouver in the past and he wanted to visit again) so it was the three of them, Glee all over the city.

We went out for dinner on Friday night at Market by Jean-Georges at the Shangri-La Hotel. Mark, Matt, Kevin, a friend of mine, and me. They are very, very sweet. Especially Kevin. I love him. He’s adorable. And smart. And funny. And cool. Matt is more guarded and wary, appreciative of the success, but not entirely comfortable about the attention. They were interrupted several times during our meal for photos and they obliged and were very, very kind about it, but you get the sense too that they are still adjusting to that line. It’s happening so often. They are stopped everywhere.

Many of you have tweeted at me asking about Mark. He’s nice. Really nice. Not brash at all. He is NOT Puck. Super chill, kinda shy, very polite, and he told me, about Audrina, and those rumours, he said “we hung out one night, that’s it”. He wasn’t defensive about it either. Just laughed, like “as if”, and moved on. Had the sense that he has a girlfriend.

Anyway, during dinner we watched Jon Montgomery win his gold medal. We also talked about how hard they have to train and these crazy diets they go on to get ripped for photo shoots etc. The pressure is just as intense in Hollywood for men. The sweet potato regimen sounds especially sadistic. So of course I’m thinking of trying it for the Oscars.

Kevin, Mark, and Matt hit up the hockey game Saturday and the Victory Ceremony and that night Ben Mulroney and I were having dinner at Joe Fortes with Michael Buble and when I told Michael the Glee people were in town he asked me to invite them. I texted Matt and he and Mark came over from Chill Winston and we finished eating and the celebrities decided they’d rather walk to Club Bud instead of cabbing. Club Bud was 5 blocks away. Imagine walking 5 blocks through Times Square on New Year’s Eve with three people who are instantly recognisable, especially Buble. There are crowds that form around him if he stays in one spot too long. So we walked and security met us 2 blocks away and pushed us through the mob and into Club Bud and Matt and Mark cut a rug on the dance floor and stayed out late and left the next day.

Yes Matthew Morrison is hotter in person than he is on tv. His hair could rival Bradley Cooper’s. They’re ok for height. Not short, but not super tall. Maybe 5 ft 10. No douchey behaviour and no hook-ups, not that I saw anyway.

Here they are kitted out in their HBC gear after a trip to the gifting suite, flying back to LA wearing Canadian.

Will post more on Michael Buble later. Promise. Can’t keep my eyes open to focus and it’s a post that requires analysis.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images