Once upon a time, they said Britney would take her crown. And I agreed. Now upon a time, no one who can live up to the legacy. Not yet. Perhaps not ever. Which is why she is Madonna.

Other observations: did you love Keith Urban’s set with Alicia Keys? Loved. Without Granny Freeze, perhaps there is something there. Only too bad what’s there is collared by a contract and suppressed all too often.

Chilli Peppers killed it, Shakira Shakira killed it, Police + Kanye + John Mayer kicked ass, I cried for Crowded House… Crowded House!!!

And above all the Foo. Was head banging in my living room. And can Dave Grohl wear the sh-t out of a pair of pants or what???

But seriously… why those Pussycat Twats? On the same stage at the Foo Fighters and Genesis and Madonna … WTF???

End on a positive note: Ricky Gervais and Chris Rock… did you see? Click here for the clip. Funniest pricks ever. Especially when Chris predicts the impact of Live Earth. Watch how Ricky laughs. You will lose your sh-t.

PS. Leo, Leo, Leo. Quiver, quiver, quiver.