Straight from sources in Sydney where he arrived on promo last week. Lukas then went on to Melbourne to appear at Flemington Race Course on Saturday to present the Rock Star Supernova Stakes trophy to the winning horse, charmed everyone in sight, D&G shades on non stop, described as “sexy, smooth” by all the ladies, but not in a sleazy way: “He’s got the lines, he’s got the lean in close, he’s got the honey you’re amazing and we really connect cos you’re talking to me like I’m a real person which I love kinda vibe – all down pat.” Also very courteous with media, in sharp contrast to the previous winner, as noted by everyone who came in contact with him, and actually took the time to ask about other people’s interests and lives…WTF??? As for the women – well of course he hooked up! Rumour has it he took 2 back to his hotel, one married and the other the sister-in-law. Kinky sh-t but, well, kinda fits the rocker profile, non? Thanks to the lovely Ms. B for the tip and the photos.