Like I said - a super long shot and in poker terms, Matt Damon is holding Pocket 2s against Patrick"s Pocket Rockets and George"s Cowboys. But there is no glory in playing it safe. I think this is his year: Arguments for: 1. He"s a new husband and a new father - check check for the MiniVan Majority 2. A career high - starring in 2 high profile movies this fall directed by 2 of the heaviest heavyweights in Hollywood: Scorcese and DeNiro, with hints of Oscar for his role in The Good Shepherd 3. Bet your boob job George Clooney is campaigning for him. It was a running joke, something George said he and Brad would tease him about - that Matt was the little brother lagging behind with something missing from his mantle. 4. He meets the international brand criteria with a fame reach that goes BEYOND television with enough all American appeal to satisfy everyone 5. Established Oscar winner for WRITING of all things and now acting chops to boot 6. Grew into a man before our eyes - a story sure to elicit swoons and squeals 7. Matt Damon is a MOVIE STAR. 40 to 1 odds but still my pick. A month to go - we shall see. Agree? Disagree? Let me hear it… but remember, as Ebert always says, it"s not who you WANT to win…it"s who you THINK will win. Photo source