I’ve no doubt you’ve heard the news. They’re done, they’re over, and word on the street – according to Perez Hilton via Life & Style is that Dave Navarro has spent the last 5 months in bed and in residence with some broad called Sarah Howard. Now y’all know I worship P’s gay ass but y’all also know that Life & Style’s track record is spottier than Pro Active and as it happens, I’m hearing something different. This from a pretty lock solid source who happened to tour with Dave just a month ago. According to my spy, Dave “was/is very in love with Carmen”. Dave did admit that things were rocky, that their schedules were never in sync, and that “being apart so much is hard”. However, my insider insists that any reports of Dave living with another woman are absolutely untrue. Apparently Carmen was at Dave’s side just last month at his birthday bash and concert and throughout his time on the road, he not only spoke positively about his wife, he also spoke about her all the time. As I understand it, the marriage fell apart simply because they grew apart, helped along by Carmen’s commitment to extending her career (snort) and Dave’s involvement with the Rock Star show and the band. So there you go. Just an alternative perspective on the split. Definitely not as smutty as the other version but something for you to ponder nonetheless.