My husband always brags about seeing Radiohead in the mid-90s at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver – small venue, legendary acoustics, a music lover’s dream.

Now I have something to match him. Today, Jerry Seinfeld at the media presentation for Bee Movie – his animated collaboration with Dreamworks about the plight of bees and the mistreatment of bees in our society that he conceived and wrote along with many former members of the Seinfeld show. The film also stars Matthew Broderick, Chris Rock and Renee Zellweger with guest voices from Oprah, Ray Liotta (he’s hysterical), Sting, Larry King, and so many more I’m too tired to remember. Suffice to say, it’s packed with star power and also with Jerry’s trademark sense of humour. They screened a few clips today, the film is still a work in progress but from what I saw, Bee Movie won’t disappoint. Jerry has taken his time, he’s kept it low profile for a while waiting for something excellent…and this is it.

And because he believes in it so much, he really gave’er today in terms of selling it. A lot of stars complain about doing press. They do as little as possible, they call it in, they get the f&ck out. Jerry’s involvement today was amazing.

He was introduced on stage by Jeffrey Katzenberg and then proceeded to riff for about 15 minutes about how he came up with the idea for the story. Off the cuff comedy, totally unscripted… and only for about 200 people. It was a treat. And it got even better when Chris Rock joined him up there. Their short banter was hilarious and even more hilarious when they opened up the floor for dumbass questions…like the first one:

“To be or not to be… what is your movie?” Ok seriously, are you dying? And then the next one: “When will you release a C Movie and a D Movie?”

Which is why he snarkily replied – why don’t you leave the comedy to us???


So then he leaves, we go out to the pier for the press line and there’s Jerry in a bee suit standing at the top of the Carlton getting ready to zipline down to the beach. He gamely glides down, wiggling his legs, waving his hands like bee wings – totally cheesy stunt but he did it anyway. With a smile on his face and without a trace of attitude.

Did I mention he also rocks some beautiful footwear? Brown Italian leather – he looked great, he was friendly, he stopped for everyone… a sense of humour is sexy. But being nice is even sexier. And he’s Jerry Seinfeld, you know? Given the example set by some of the lesser stars in Hollywood, Jerry Seinfeld is definitely someone who could get away with being a dickhead if he really wanted to.

But Jerry is still nothing compared to my new obsession. Because I am now officially totally madly in love with his wife Jessica. I love her.

She was there to support him, hanging around the press room, no fuss, no security hovering around her, just patiently waiting while Jerry finished his roundtable interviews. On her feet the most gorgeous, gorgeous pair of pale pink but not bright pink patent leather pumps, hair tied back in a neat low pony, silk baby doll dress in navy underneath a cute shortsleeved coat, and the most amazing, amazing bag you’ve ever seen. Chocolate and cream woven leather, just the right shape and size, slung casually over her shoulder. I’m sorry, I don’t have a photo – would have been weird, no one was snapping her anyway. But here’s an older one of them together though it doesn’t do her justice.

Seriously, Jessica Seinfeld is one of the most put together women I have ever seen and she stinks of money and good taste. And I can’t believe how tiny she is considering she keeps getting pregnant.

I’m telling you – I couldn’t get enough of her. My new girlcrush: Jessica Seinfeld.