Time to gloat. Skip to the next if you don"t want to hear it. The photos prove it visually but I was the first to tell you exclusive on eTalk almost three weeks ago that they were very much together in Vancouver, surrounded by their dogs, rolling around on the grassy knoll at English Bay, and although others picked up our scoop recently, there has been absolutely no credit. So be it. Turns out I have more to the story. And yes, you heard it here first. As you know, they were engaged. And then People Magazine said they called it off. At the time, no reason was given but rumour has it it was professionally motivated. Unlike the other Canadian Ryan who makes his living on the arty indie circuit, Reynolds" career runs along the path of hunks. Light action, light comedy, big muscles, big tan - it"s the kind of image that doesn"t mix with marriage, and his attachment to Alanis - a girl who may or may not shave her pits - has been a bone of contention among his teen beat base. Not surprisingly, Hollywood strategists, like their Washington counterparts, also pay attention to the polls. So under management pressure to delay delay delay, their solidarity cracked a little... and who could blame them? It"s hard to enough to maintain a relationship under the spotlight, it"s still harder when agents and publicists aren"t on side. Still, when it"s right, love usually prevails, if not forever then at least until someone else comes along. And despite my bitchy tone, I am quite satisfied to see them rekindled. Because despite the bad clothes and the bad hair and the songs with too many syllables, I like Alanis. I like her very much. Photos from Gossip Rocks