Amazing what a difference five years makes, non? Freddie Prinze Jr was once a super hottie. Cute and cool, despite the bad acting, not your average cookie cutter blonde surfer dude, dark and handsome and surprisingly likeable but also, sadly, vulnerable to age. There"s the telltale bloat creeping around his face and the eyes that aren"t quite 25 anymore and then of course the gradually expanding forehead - every man"s worst fear: 2 words beginning with R and ending with E, known in some circles to completely destroy a man"s manhood. But the thing is - I can"t help but think that Freddie would have arrived at 30 in much better condition withOUT the weight of that smirky little bitch he ended up marrying. And here she is with him at some birthday party recently, snotty expression in tact, probably put out because there"s no one around for her to yell at. Or ignore deliberately. Or stab in the back. Because shocker of shockers! Buffy isn"t so nice. But you knew that already, didn"t you? Photos from Gossip Rocks