She’s in White Rock, about 45 minutes outside of Vancouver, a quaint affluent little neighbourhood with a beautiful beach and a super cute boardwalk. I’m told she passed over staying in a swank downtown hotel in favour of one less exposed, that she enjoys playing at the local park with the incomparably adorable Violet every day, that a certain PUB has been catering her meals, and even though her requests are specific, they are not excessive or extraordinary. Here they are today going for a walk, don’t let the snow fool you. Vancouver is downright balmy compared to other places in Canada. Like Toronto. You guys diggin’ out from a big storm today? Speaking of being chilly… it feels like it’s cold everywhere! Froze my Chinese balls off in LA this week and I couldn’t use the pool once at the Roosevelt when I was staying there, although watching Billy Bush and the Access Hollywood crew shooting there at 1am after Oscar night was pretty cool. They were doing their wrap shots, hugging each other, posing together for posterity, the crew seemed to love them all, they all seemed to get along great, all of them, and Billy Bush – he’s TINY but he’s like Grey’s Anatomy for me, you know? I can’t stand him but I can’t stop watching him. Sorry…I digress. About Jen and Violet and Ben too. Apparently they love Vancouver. Their love first bloomed in Vancouver. Some say they conceived in Vancouver. Rumour is they are looking to conceive again soon. Taupe is boring but Taupe is Fertile And Taupe doesn’t need scientology to make her babies so in some respects, Taupe is better than Glow? Source