Tom & Katie: the new Kate, the new bump

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 2, 2006 12:00:00 October 2, 2006 12:00:00

Now here"s a photo that breaks my heart: Isabella in the background surrounded by her peers, walking in the wake of her father"s weekly pilgrimage to the pitch not only to support her soccer but also to perpetuate the authenticity of his love - as illustrated by yet another public display of affection on Saturday, this time with Katie taking the enthusiastic lead. Is it just me or does her smile (as Tom looks back at his daughter) seem just a little bit insensitive? Is it just me or does the new *Kate* have a new edge? Hard to believe? Absolutely. But according to my sources, that"s been the observation. *Kate* has apparently been told to be tired of being portrayed as a lobotomised lamb snatched away by the evil Scientologist. *Kate* has also apparently been told to show a little spunk, especially as the wedding date approaches, to appear more assertive, more confident, not necessarily just in stature - her posture IS better these days, non? - but in composure as well. And as reported by those on TomKat Watch, it"s a palpable difference that"s being well received. Next - what of the nuptials? What of the bulge? While the vicissitudes of her body seem to indicate an imminent wedding or the early signs of Second Sci (did she simply just forget her girdle?) and buzz about the event continues to grow, the GMD has managed to successfully exercise his patented seal of secrecy which explains why there have been virtually no reliable leaks and above all, no reliable projected date and/or venue. I"m told there WILL be a wedding. I"m also told there WILL be a Suri sequel and soon, particularly because the sun is finally setting on the dusk that is Tom"s seemingly interminable youth. However, for what it"s worth, I hear they"ll marry before they fertilise, if for no other reason than to assuage criticism from the MiniVan Majority for producing a child out of wedlock. And a smart move to0, considering the power of the constituency and the fact that they"re now solely responsible for supporting his career. Photos from Gossip Rocks and

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