TMZ is breaking news that Pam Anderson has filed for divorce from Kid Rock just a few weeks after her much publicized miscarriage and the laptop incident with Denise Richards. Shocker? No. On many counts. If you’ve been reading my column, this should be no surprise – way back on November 13th I reported that Denise, in addition to attacking photographers and senior citizens, was also rumoured to be selling out Pam, telling her business to everyone, including her mother during a cell phone conversation when she was overheard blabbing that Pam’s marriage to Kid was in the sh-ts, that she regretted marrying him, and that Kid was actually more volatile than Tommy Lee. Click here for a refresher, exclusive smut from 2 weeks ago… I’ll gloat but just a little. Sadness? Of course. But the good news is Britney is single too. And since Pam and Paris have long been friends, I’m thinking another set of tits to join their LA rampage isn’t necessarily a bad thing? PS. Pam’s divorce has cut rearranged my eTalk content – as such, Hayden/Sienna gossip will be posted on the site shortly – stay tuned!/strong>