It’s almost the one year anniversary of WHO’s NATALIE??? It was, no doubt, the best part of the Golden Globe pre-show during our liveblog in 2010. Hoping for more of that magic this time around.

And now for a little Gossip Nostalgia.

Remember when Julia was engaged to Kiefer Sutherland and pretty much left him at the altar? Remember when Julia took off on Kiefer three days before her wedding for Jason Patric? She was great drama then, wasn’t she? She was the best for drama then. She was exactly the kind of movie star who’s good for gossip.

And oh look! Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric were together last night in New York at a photo call for their upcoming Broadway production of That Championship Season by Jason’s father Jason Miller. Just 5 years ago, in Rolling Stone, Kiefer hadn’t yet forgiven Jason for the Julia.

"I commend Julia for seeing how young and silly we were, even at the last minute, even as painful and as difficult as it was. Thank God she saw it. (But as for forgiving Jason), it’s not a matter of that. We were friends, and I’m surprised that I never got a call from him saying I’ve fallen in love with da-da-da. Instead, I found out from a stranger."

Guess he finally got over it then. It only took 20 years. Which seems fitting. I mean, after all, it’s Julia Roberts. You think she’s going to see this play?

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