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His name is Jack McCollough, one of the designers of Proenza Schouler. As you can see, he has a cut on his nose. He received the cut courtesy of Kiefer Sutherland’s head.

After the Met Gala on Monday night, Kiefer was at a party talking to Brooke Shields. He claims McCollough bumped into Brooke and demanded an apology. Suddenly his head was slamming into McCollough’s face.

While Sutherland’s camp is insisting he was defending a friend, Brooke has actually publicly explained that she has no idea why he lost his sh-t because McCollough did not do anything “inappropriate”. The two are friends, and witnesses at the party say he was simply interrupting to say hello.

It’s also been reported that Kiefer was drunk at the time and edging for a fight. Big surprise. You do recall he spent time in prison last year on DUI charge, right? Great. A bad drunk is so sexy. Can’t believe the Filthy Scab Pamela Anderson isn’t all over him. Two Canadians we can be proud of.

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