Dear Gossips,

Who is Next In Line.

According to the new cover of W Magazine, it’s Zendaya, Willow Smith, and Kiernan Shipka. All of them excellent choices. And, because I’m a f-cking narcissist, all of them my choices too. Zendaya and Kiernan have been style regulars on our LifeStyle page for a while. And Willow’s steeze has been an obsession for a while – click here and click here for a couple of throwbacks. At 19, 16, and 15, they’ve all been famous for a while. What does an even longer while look like?

Sometimes these magazines, they predict the “future” with a collection of people on the cover and if you fast forward five years, they end up 1 for 5. This particular group, however, could go 3 for 3. Zendaya’s already made a fashion statement and is slowly transitioning to a career in film. Sarah wrote earlier this week about her being cast in the new Spider-Man movie as a supporting player. Click here if you missed it. That’s a good strategic start. Kiernan Shipka is still finding her way out of Mad Men but I like that she’s been selective about how she’s staying relevant, without showing up at every party, every nightclub, every pap run. And Willow? Well. She’s Willow. Three years ago, both Will and Jaden Smith declared that Willow was the biggest star in the family. She’s the newest face of Chanel. And she’s the one who decided a few years ago to not be in movies so that she could just be a teen.

So. Is 3 for 3 possible here?

Click here for more in W Magazine.

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