This post is for Duana who cared so much about Sally Draper and will therefore always care about Kiernan Shipka. And you?

She caught my eye this week with two really great outfits on the red carpet. Check out this adorable green dress. The colour is terrific on her. The construction is fresh and cute. I want this for myself. Then last night at the Fan Girl screening (not to be confused with Rainbow Rowell’s book Fangirl – read it if you haven’t! But first read Eleanor & Park!) it was a lovely olive A line with Peter Pan collar. Also fresh and cute and also, again, very stylish.

I looked at the clothes before I looked at the person. Then when I saw the person, at first I thought it was Emma Roberts. Then I remembered Emma Roberts isn’t all that imaginative with her choices. (Conveniently IMDB tells me that Emma and Kiernan just made a movie together.) So after that I thought it was Emma Watson. There’s a little Emma Watson here, non? Sally Draper, 15, is a fashion girl now. But then again, Duana always knew that.