Amazing how some things will always be so high school. My Kiki and Fab the other night – an innocuous enough photo of them taken outside a restaurant that, at first glance, offers little insight in their relationship but upon further inspection…it’s really just 16 all over again. Her shoulders perpetually hunched, as if to say – I’m chill, whatever, I’m not a bimbo who throws her body around, I’m into you but I don’t want you to see how into you I am but I want you to be into me because I’m so chill and whatever but if you’re not, hey that’s ok too because I’m chill…whatever. And the expression on her face: feigning super interest in someone else, when every molecule in her body is screaming to lean back over to Fab, yet maintaining the self control required to keep focused because talking to someone else reflects that A. she’s chill and whatever and B. she’s not too chill and whatever to care about people around her…unlike ditzy bimbos who use their tits to engage the boys. But don’t forget Fab. Fab playing ultra cool, shoulders opened but equally as chill, whatever…yeah girl, we just hangin’, I’m into you and it’d be sweet if you were into me but if you’re not…we still chill…whatever - but really he’s like, man...we should just get the f&ck outta here and go make out. Do you see it? Or am I just stuck in high school? Source via Source