Most of you who’ve written about the SATC movie have expressed that Kim Cattrall was your favourite. Totally agree. Kim Cattrall rocked.

And she was also amazing last week at eTalk when she sat down exclusively in our studios with a live audience. Have heard from many of you who were there, all of you singing her praises, all also in agreement that unlike her peers in Hollywood, she actually looks like a real person. With no frightening freezing but rather gracefully aging beautifully on display across her face.

Seems we can’t get enough Kim and we can’t get enough sex. As you’ve probably heard, Kim will be back on HBO starring in and producing a new show based on the British series Sensitive Skin.

Television continues to blaze trails. Kim Cattrall will be 52 in August and she’s fronting her own project. Love, love, love.

Here she is looking f&cking killer last night at the CFDA Awards and an image from her appearance on eTalk.

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