What was its name?

You know, Charlotte’s daughter in the Sex & the City movie? The mute Asian prop…what did they call her again?

It doesn’t matter.

What matters, ugh, is that she’ll be back. Mute Asian Baby will be back because Kim Cattrall has just confirmed that there will be a sequel.

Apparently the first one wasn’t sh-t enough. So they’re going back a second time to try and f-ck it up some more. After all, Oprah’s audience can’t get enough of watching Carrie clean out her closet. And of course we are all looking forward to a movie about the City where the City barely plays, where the writer never writes and, even more baffling, where the sex columnist refuses to divulge details about her sex life to her closest girl friends over brunch.

Oh joy.

We get to do that all over again?!?!