Thought I’d ease in to today’s column with some love for Kim Coates and fans of Sons Of Anarchy. After the disappointment of season 3 and especially season 4, I’ve not yet decided if I’ll be watching SOA for season 5. That was weak. And, sure, Charlie Hunnam is hot, but I don’t have to waste an hour of my time looking at him playing a decidedly UN-hot character when the internet services me fine, and in 5 minutes or less. Click here if you missed my thoughts on Sons of Anarchy’s season and finale.

But even though SOA hasn’t been fulfilling creatively, that doesn’t take away from the impact it’s made on its actors, particularly the supporting ones. Kim Coates has been in the business a long, LONG time. He’s worked steadily, he’s worked well, he is respected. But without SAMCRO, he wouldn’t be getting his picture taken yesterday at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in Long Beach. And I wouldn’t get to post them. So thank you Kurt Sutter. In the nicest voice possible, please finish strong for 5, 6, and 7.