Is this a bad thing?

The new cover of Tatler features not generic looking genetic freak models, or photoshopped starlets, but 3 wickedly tarty daughters of rock royalty: Kimberly Stewart, Leah Wood, and Peaches Geldof.

Love it.

Not because of the democratisation of beauty that it represents… f*ck no, who cares? But because English celebutantes are infinitely more interesting than American ones.

Sure. I am an admittedly unabashed anglophile. But compare these three to the Hiltons, the Kardashians, and to Heidi of The Hills and there is no question: Britain wins the war.

They are edgier, the British ones. Dirtier too. Like dirty and dangerous. And a legitimate black eyeliner skank factor that can be mysteriously charming. I’ll take that over blonde plastics, yeah why not?

Besides, though I try not to feed it, because it could get out of control, I have this sick thing for Peaches Geldof.