Now - I know he's probably too old and way too short for you - but Jon Stewart is a man you could actually have a great conversation with and be entertained by after the roll in the hay was over. He's so hot and witty and clever...just a thought - but it's fine with me if you don't want him… Just a thought for your free space on the Freebie 5. Plus now he's hosting the Oscars...yay! 

Dear Linda: I watch the Daily Show as often as I can. I love him too. I love him! But more in that funny big brother kind of way. In fact, just the thought of sharing my panties with Jon gives me the Jolie brother creeps. As for him hosting the Oscars…forgive me, but I"m going to hold out judgement. As sharp as he is on his own show, I"m skeptical about him being given the same slack on such a large scale. However, if he has the balls to make a joke about Scientology and Tom Cruise during the telecast, I will offer him my first born. How 'bout that?