Kings of Leon played the ACC in Toronto last night. The band resumed touring in Vancouver on September 28 and my friend (and trainer) Hayley McGowan was there, said they were amazing and that Caleb sounded amazing, and was so appreciative of the Vancouver audience and seemed to be grateful to be back on stage again.

It was more of the same here in Toronto - some reviewers noted that the opening seemed tentative but that the band, once they found their groove, lit it up for the fans. Of course this is good news. That Caleb Followill, after a meltdown in July, seems to have recovered is great news.

But as I said at the time, he had a deadline. They set up these dates almost as soon as he went down. Get “Well Enough” is what I called it at the time. And, you know, I guess that’s fine so long as the people get their fix and why am I such a f-cking downer bitch for sh-tting on the comeback but the truth is, recovery can be fleeting and I hope there’s a plan, when they can wrap up this tour, that sees him working on a long-term care strategy. Are we fighting about that too?