What’s with Gwen Stefani’s husband? Where did he come from and what does he do? Dear Jenell, Gavin used to front a band called Bush. Or Bush X. They had some legal name problems for a while there. I think. I can"t remember because this was like 10 years ago. And since then he"s done nothing worth reporting. Which reminds me of that classic line in Bridget Jones when she refers to her gay friend Tom who "wrote one hit song in the 90s and stopped after that because he realised it was enough to get him laid for an entire decade." Gwen"s devotion to her husband is admirable and it proves my point about loving someone in high school who is, at the time, more popular than you are. Eventually you grow up and oftentimes, the roles reverse. Problem is, it"s hard to see the flip side when you"re living it. In her mind, she"s still the gawky nerd and he"s still the all star football player and she still feels that she"s the won who landed the gem. Which is why they"ve made it this far