Kirk Cameron hasn"t changed

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 16, 2006 12:00:00 March 16, 2006 12:00:00
I loved the 80s. I miss the 80s. And I"m not ashamed to admit that I used to watch Growing Pains and that I used to LOVE Mike Seaver. Back then, it was all Kirk Cameron, all the time. Elaine Cameron. Elaine Cameron. I was Elaine Cameron. This prepubescent teen beat/tiger beat obsession lasted for about a year. And then 12 became 13, high school was just around the corner, and bad boys became the new attraction. But even though Kirk was not a major part of my teens, I"m still happy to see how well he"s aged. Gossips, take a look at the grown up Kirk. As opposed to the grown up Jordan Knight and the grown up Corey Haim, Kirk looks fantastic. Maybe it"s because he decided not to pursue the typical Hollywood tv to movie career. Maybe it"s because he found love very young and skipped the drugs and rock "n roll lifestyle that destroyed so many of his peers. Or maybe it"s the Lord"s reward for choosing scripture over fame. Because that"s what Kirk did. He found God and now he preaches God in the form of Christian film and entertainment - an industry that is exploding in America. Personally doesn"t work for me but hey - he"s happy, he"s not obnoxious, he doesn"t praise Jesus while givin" it doggy style to some ho in the back of a limo so if it"s working for Kirk then it"s all good with me. Besides, he"s almost too adorable to criticise, don"t you think?

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