Kirsten Dunst is the reigning Cannes Best Actress for Melancholia. She’s expected to return to Cannes next week with On The Road which premieres on May 23. Am wondering whether or not she’ll actually go earlier, in time for the first days of the festival which are usually the most fun. Why miss Paul Allen’s yacht party, right? And why not spend as much time as possible in the South of France with your boyfriend who’s experiencing it the Kiki way for the first time?  

Here she is with Garrett Hedlund yesterday in Beverly Hills. You see how he’s reaching for her hand there? It reminds me of how it used to be with Jake Gyllenhaal. They always like her more than she likes them. Some say she’s never as nice to them as she should be. At least that’s how it was before. Kiki went away and focused on personal development for a while there. Perhaps it’s different now.