It was 2008 the last time Kirsten Dunst was at Sundance. She was widely reported to be partying rather heavily, almost alarmingly, and then a month later, she entered rehab, also in Utah, seeking treatment for depression. (Source)

Four years later, it’s a triumphant return. Many considered Dunst’s performance in Melancholia to be among the best of the year. She won Best Actress in Cannes. She was named Best Actress by the National Society of Film critics. And many more critics actively campaigned for her to receive an Oscar nomination.

Kirsten is back in Park City to promote Bachelorette, kinda like Bridesmaids but MUCH raunchier, produced by Will Ferrell’s team. She and Lizzy Caplan walked the carpet together. But before they started working the press line, Kirsten arrived with Garrett Hedlund. Yes. It’s for real. They are for real (even though they won’t pose together). I saw them come in the door. He squeezed her hand and quickly grazed her cheek before taking a side entrance, right past my producer Josh and me. Garrett looks really good right now. Like, hot. Last night he was almost clean-shaven. And the pants weren’t horrible. And I am totally feeling the two of them together. Almost as much as Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

Am also attaching those photos of him modelling at the Prada show last week that so many of you wrote about. There were some pretty f-cked up shots. Super awkward. And others...weren’t actually so bad. Like the one I’ve posted first in the series. I mean, no, it’s not ideal, of course not. But look at Emile Hirsch. That puts things in perspective, non?