Because of her sh-tty posture, again…the photos did not do this gown justice. It is an AMAZING dress up close. Have a look at it on the runway – the detailing is divine. So the choice, in other words, was perfect. How it was worn however is another matter. Didn’t like the hair, the hair was atrocious – the hair was a 12 year old wearing mamma’s old costumes. And I honestly have no idea why she didn’t wash it. Marie Antoinette is on DVD now and if you haven’t seen it, you should give it a try for the costuming alone. Won last night, and rightly so. Kiki in those magnificent gowns, custom crafted perfectly for her body, and she owned every inch of them. Which is why it’s such a shame she let her frock wear her at Oscar. PS. I think that’s her brother. As for Fab – still in the picture though not serious. And believe it or not, I hear it’s her call. Source