Call me crazy but Kiki is quickly becoming my GP #2…. Cannot.Get.Enough. Why? 1. Kiki doesn’t want to be my friend. She doesn’t want to be your friend. She wants to scowl, she has no interest in giving a public relations blow job, and as you know, I like detachment much more than I like desperation. 2. Kiki makes interesting movies and when she doesn’t make interesting movies it’s because Three Whiskers makes them NOT interesting. Yes, that INCLUDES Bring it On. Brrrr…it’s cold in here, there must be some Toros in the atmosphere! 3. Kiki’s father isn’t her player pimp. But most importantly… 4. It’s Kiki style, her style. Kiki is chic unique. Kiki never looks “nice” – nice is for sleeping. Nice is for your Grade 5 teacher , the one who always gave you her sandwich when your dad thought sardines were a good option for elementary school. Nice however is not for the red carpet or for a young woman in her 20s known as Coppola’s constant muse. Kiki is not nice. Kiki is fierce. When she wears a little black dress, it’s a little black dress with attitude. And thank Goddess she has no boobs. I heart no boobs. So take a look at a few photos from her new Entertainment Weekly spread. No wind machine, not a speck of sand, no heaving cleave, no lips around an imaginary cock – just Kirsten Dunst…sexy, different, unconventional… Love, Love, Love. Photo source