I’m not sure about the whole ‘working out with a friend’ thing. I like the idea a lot in theory, but I’m not sure it works in practice.

Sasha and I worked out together for the longest time. It was super fun but we were always trying to distract the trainer with stories and questions so we didn’t have to hold our planks quite as long. We’re the worst.

Lainey is the opposite. She’s all “Yeah, sure, let’s go to a spin class”, or the gym, or whatever – and then the second you step into the facility, she goes workout-mute and won’t make eye contact or make fun of anyone’s shorts and it’s like what’s the point of actually being here with someone I like? This is just like being at the gym regular-styles.

This is what these pics of Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher look like.  Like they’ve used up all their ‘we’re-here-together’ enthusiasm and just gritted their teeth to get through Either that or one of them had got bad news and had to talk herself out of not bailing on the workout.