Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to be a celebrity, because obviously. But not the ones who say they live in a hotel and haven’t been home in a year and a half, because that’s boring.

Sometimes, you take on a kind of grumpy, un-showy role in Hidden Figures because, I assume, you want to be a part of the movie or work with some of the players. Then when your movie is nominated for Best Picture, you get to be there, but it’s not about you, because it’s about the three ladies on the poster.

So you think “what’s a dress I can wear that looks like I’m here to play but isn’t stealing focus because it is not about me? What’s the clearest way to communicate that I get what’s up here and I’m generally pleased, and my eyes are more sparkly and awake than you’ve seen them in eons?”

Number one: Pockets. WHyyyy don’t more dresses have deep, slouchy pockets like these?

Number two: Landry!

Or Jesse Plemons, if you prefer. Look at this guy! These two are not often seen together despite having been engaged a few months now. This, of course, makes me like them a lot, though I’m predisposed to do so because of Fargo season 2 which you will love if you haven’t seen, and of course because of Landry. 

But also – look at them. They’re wearing the same smirk, the one that says, We’re that couple. We have fun out here together but we also have the best time when we’re home by ourselves. We have the same offbeat, smirky sense of humour. We’re an odd couple only in the sense that you had no idea we were so similarly cool. Why didn’t you think of us?”

Look, the pockets and Landry are good reminders – often when you have the least pressure in a situation, you have the best time.