Well, not technically solo since she went with her brother, but solo in the sense that she didn’t bring her maybe fiancée, Jesse Plemons. So, if they are engaged, despite waving a ring around they’re keeping a low profile. That’s a pretty smart play. Kiki can flash her ring and get her coverage, but then if she isn’t bringing Plemons as her date to every red carpet, she can claim she’s keeping her relationship private. I have never understood why actors feel they have to deny their significant other to maintain privacy—John Krasinski and Emily Blunt do carpets together and I know jack sh*t about them as a couple, besides that they look fun to be around—but not sharing red carpets seems to be the universal signal that a celebrity couple is “serious” about their privacy. (Can you sense my sarcasm.)

In her post speculating on the state of Dunst’s engagement, Lainey made some wedding dress guesses. Here’s a style to add to the pile: Dunst wore a ruffle-y white Dior gown that invites bridal comparison. The necklace and her hair and makeup are pretty spectacular, but the dress is a little “Anthropologie bride” to me. If I had to pick a square for the Kirsten Dunst Wedding Gown Pool, I’d go with a colored dress. She seems the type to wear yellow down the aisle.