Kirsten Dunst at the Rodarte show today. Kiki has been quite selective about what she’s attending – unlike Mischa Barton she’s not a front row whore.

LOVE what she’s wearing, and hold your sh-t before you start screaming. I’m not saying you should wear it, I’m not saying I will wear it, I’m saying she can wear it. OK, go ahead. Complain.

As for Kiki… like Cammie D, she has apparently moved to New York, eager to get away from the drag of LA. Well played. Because for a while there, it looked like a Lohan-ish career crisis. Her “It” expired and then she went to rehab. Or was it the other way around?

No matter.

Word is things have improved. Several projects are in the works, am told she’s on the short list again, she is willing to audition, to meet, to work hard to impress, described as “humbled”, so it looks like leaving Los Angeles is paying off…although geography doesn’t seem to make a difference where Lilo is concerned.

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